Yuchun and his scarves are somehow, a droolworthy combination. There is just something about him and the scarves wrapped around his neck. He looks such a fashionista with it on too. We sure love his lovely sexy neck, but we don’t mind when he hide it with his scarf.

See the photos below, and what do you think? Are you with us? Do you like Yuchun and his scarves like we do too? 🙂

Highcut!!!!! forgive us we just can’t seem to choose one, so here you go! keke

ok these highcut shoots deserved a separate post.. hehehe

now don’t you stare at us like that young man! XD

now… tell us who wants to take over that cordi job?

one of our fave pics ever. it has all our fave elements of yuchun. adam’s apple, scarf, a little of dimples, stare, sexy hair. and that cheeky bite smile? what is that, man?!!!

This is quite a unique scarf/snood, it is so long, our man rock it we think.

For this one, he didn’t wrap it around his neck, but he just let it fall down. Looked good to XD

The scarf even looks good from the back lol

Our little fashionista at the airport catwalk XD

Tell us, who can forget this pic? Looking so stylish!

Even showing a bit of tongue and dimple. meow!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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