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Credit to @mykpophuntress

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[FANMADE] Chunsa Army’s 3 Days Special MVs

Hi guys,

Some of you might have seen our music videos, so good for you. haha. Here we compiled the vids we made so far for 3 Days and this post will be updated from time to time whenever we post the new videos.

We made videos based on 3 days episodes for each week, basically Yuchun’s cuts which we find cool and we hope we’ll be able to do it for all the weeks until 3 days finished its airing. Each week has its own theme based on our perception of the episodes for the week.

We hope you guys likes them. Enjoy!

1. Week 1 (5th & 6th March 2014) – Bodyguard Yuchun

Chunsa Army’s 3 Days Special (Week 1) – Bodyguard Yuchun from postcardstoyuchun on Vimeo.

2. Week 2 (12th & 13th March 2014) – Yuchun The Firestarter and The Runaway Man

The Firestarter

Yuchun The Firestarter from postcardstoyuchun on Vimeo.

The Runaway Man

Chunsa Army’s 3 Days Special (Week 2) – The Runaway Man from postcardstoyuchun on Vimeo.

3. Week 3 (19th & 20th March 2014) – Who To Believe?

Chunsa Army’s 3 Days Special (Week 3) – Who to Believe? from postcardstoyuchun on Vimeo.

4. Week 4 (26th & 27th March 2014) – Finding the Truth

Chunsa Army’s 3 Days Special (Week 4) – Finding the Truth from postcardstoyuchun on Vimeo.

[SPAZZ] 110314 The Return of the Scarf


CA1: DID YOU SEE IT??!!! The scraf is back!!! thankyou @incheonAG2014en!!

CA2: lol you are so excited you even spelt scarf wrong! ishhhh

CA1: i did? loll scraffff, scarffff ahahaha let’s zoom in!



CA1: *smitten* yuchun always looked so handsome with the scraf around his neck.

CA 2: I almost gave up on the scarf, cuz he didn’t appear with the scraf the whole winter! grrrr..

CA1: well maybe cuz he has this new love for turtlenecks i guess, even his drama characters wore turtleneck, remember han jung woo from i miss you? and now in 3 days

CA2: oh yeah, he looked super good in turtlenecks too. oh well. anyway let’s just enjoy this pic for now.


CA1: can’t wait for the CF, we’ll get scarf overdose i guess.

CA2: oohh yeahhh

CA1 & CA2: ok we got 2 scarft-y yuchun


CA1 & CA2: and 3… lol


CA1 & CA2: and 4. hahaha


Ok this is how much we love yuchun with the scarf and how much we missed it.  

How about you?

If you like it too, see our other post about Yuchun and his scarves here. XD

[SPOILER] 050314 Chunsa Army’s Reaction – 3 Days Episode 1

Both CA1 & CA2: OMG OMG OMG OMG *hyperventilating*

CA1: Whoaaaa that is one intense first episode!

CA2: OMG Yuchun…I can’t believe we squealed the entire house down when he appeared. lolllllll

CA1: Totally worth itttttttttttttttt.. he deserved that squealing.

CA2: but it was a sad scene, i feel bad now.

CA1: erm yeah me too. he is really good doing emotional huh..

Bh9z7xSCUAAgH2NCA2: anyway let’s run a few pics from tonight’s ep


CA1: aaa i love this one.. yuchun running..

CA2: what’s to love.. he is just running

CA1: well, it is YUCHUN running. it matters more than any other runs.

CA2: pfttttt.. ohh baby’s about to cry


CA1: he is not.. oh yuchun his facial expression. enough to show his feelings.

Bh92S79CEAAEIV6CA2: OMG i love this scene.. how it seems like it blocked all other voices and all other visuals..

Bh92sznCUAAZE46CA1: I want to run to him and hug him!!

Bh93BPZCIAEe2vrCA2: this ahjussi! lucky that he is junu and junseo’s dad from return of superman lolllll otherwise i would have hated him

CA1: hahahahh but he is good

Bh94FxqCcAAx0mA Bh94L3uCUAAl0EYCA2: OMO OMO OMO this sceneeeeeeeeee *cries* *snifff*

CA1: this is how a man cry ok?? OK!! Yuchun it may sound weird, but i love to see you cry!

Bh95AXRCIAEId3wCA2: oohhh i like her.. she’s feisty!

CA1: I like her too!! very gutsy! she is totally different from the press conference huh kkk,. I think i want to cut my hair like her..


CA2: Yup, that’s the way you loosenup the tie dude

Bh97J6gCEAEwcCb Bh96CNCCUAATIx9CA1: ohhh ohhh i love this sceneee. driving with one hand (but this is dangerous ok.. dont try this at home kids)

CA2: SUPER love the jacket mannnn

Bh98RFvCEAI4OOICA1: ooohhh thisss

CA2: I think I like her too

Bh98WJvCAAAwsBpChunsa Army thoughts (without understanding what’s being said), overall, first ep – Yuchun presented varying emotions, he looked mature and very intense looking. Most older actors are someone very familiar in k-dramaland. Cinematography really nice., the set up. Story very intense but very interesting. We believe that we’ll be on the edge of our seats each episode! Anyway, we believe we’ll be very stressed watching this drama. lol! It looked like a movie really. That crying scene at the bus stop.. prepare tissues. We mean it. Now go watch..

Pic credit: SEI_JYJ

[SPAZZ] Yuchun’s Lips Opened the Heaven’s Door and Turned Us Into Ants

CA 1 & CA 2 : *gasp*
yc39CA 1: Have i turned into an ant? How come I feel like I am crawling and running around his lips?

CA2: You… AN ANT? Are you nuts? Well… maybe we are Chunsas are nuts.

CA1: Who are you calling nuts? The photographer is nutter than us. I swear the photographer is a Chunsa

CA2: I thought the photographer is a guy? But who cares! Yuchun has a Chunsa Army male female anything goes

CA1: Do you know what I’m thinking?

CA2: Of course I know what you are thinking but the question is does Park Yuchun knows what he has done to us by showing this photo?

CA1: Back to the photos ….(silence)


CA2: Why are you so quiet?

CA1: I am praying and thanking God for giving us this chance to stare at his sexy lips

CA2: those lips are under my microscopic eyes and my ant-ly fingers.

CA1:His lips are kinda round, full and blooming

CA2: his lips are kinda waiting for spring, don’t you think?

CA1: Those lips are heaven’s door

CA2: His body is heaven. AMEN.


*plays Walking in the spring with her*

Credit: Seojeong. Thank you, you.. for sharing this preciousssssssss heavenly pic XD

p/s: we can’t help it and post 3 same photos here. LOL! Enjoy your sunday!